Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Chickpea Pasta Soup

I was really excited. Today I was going to go to Best Buy and get a new card and batteries for my brother's camera and take copious amounts of pictures as I made dinner. It was going to be beautiful. Then I had to argue with the sales clerk to get the correct size card for the camera. And then I had to argue with a manager at Best Buy because they insisted the price written on the front of the card reader was incorrect. But I prevailed. Got home and installed the new card in the camera. Then I stuck in the new AA batteries. Flipped the on switch. No dice. Took out the batteries and turned them around. No dice. Switched them so one was facing each way. Still no dice. Then I notice in tiny type in the battery compartment the words "EN-EL1." The camera does not take AA but rather some strangely shaped thing you must order from Nikon.

I was sad. Very sad. Then I made soup.

Difficulty: Super Easy
Eat Rating: Good. I cheated and used these leftover formerly dried chickpeas that I had soaked overnight to make falafel. This meant my chickpeas were still slightly hard. But otherwise an excellent soup.

(Note: To make this vegetarian [or vegan for that matter] use vegetable stock in place of chicken broth.)

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