Monday, February 9, 2009

Just Another Meatless Monday

So I was briefly stumped how I should refer to recipes found on other blogs. I figure the best way is just to link.

Anyway, we have instituted "Meatless Mondays" at my house. It's good for the cholesterol issue, also because I know a ton of vegetarians now and it would always stump me what to make when they came over for dinner. This falafel recipe I tried tonight is our first real success. The first week we tried beans. They were somewhat boring and resulted in a lot of gas. The second week I made a mushroom barley stew. It was pretty good but I ended up having to cheat and use chicken broth. But the falafel was really great, even though half of it fell apart so I didn't manage to get the crispiness.

Difficulty: Medium. Note: when the directions say chill the dough for an hour, don't skip that step. I did, which is why mine didn't turn out perfectly. But even the little falafel heaps I filled my pita with were pretty amazing.

Eat Rating: Awesome

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